PROJECT NAME: Via Casal Bertone

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

DESCRIPTION: Via Casal Bertone is a mixed-use development located in the center of Rome, Italy. With over 120,000 sf of floor space, the project consists of 7 residential floors, 2 underground garage floors and a space for commercial use on the ground floor. The building’s sustainable features include cool roof materials, minimum footprint and impact on storm water by placing the parking underground, among others. Each residential unit is heated with radiant floor heating for maximum comfort and efficient energy usage. The domestic hot water and the hot water for the radiant flooring is in part provided by an extensive array of solar hot water panels on the roof. The solar thermal panels will share the roof space with a set of photovoltaic panels, providing a portion of the building’s electricity needs.

SERVICES PROVIDED: LEED 2009 Administration and Implementation Consulting; Commissioning; Energy Modeling